Friday, 14 January 2011

What's hot in the world of Photo Frames this year

What frames are going to be best sellers in 2011???
We’re pretty confident white photo frames are going to be big in 2011, we noticed a large spike in orders for white frames in the last quarter of 2010 and are sure this will continue into this year.
Black photo frames will still feature pretty high on our list of best sellers, they always do! The simplicity of black frames (and white frames) are what people like, they’re usually our best selling colour out of all the frames we do.
Oak photo frames are popular at the moment, we think oak frames are popular due to the wooden floors so many people have these days. That and the fact that you can’t beat a nice solid oak photo frame as opposed to some of the alternatives out there.
Square frames and unusual sizes….Pretty soon we’re going to be launching a lot of new sizes that we get asked for a lot. These will include sizes such as 10″ x 7″, 9″ x 6″, 12″ x 12″, 8″ x 8″ plus quite a few other sizes.
Watch this space, as always we’ll keep you fully updated on all the new things going on here at Wall Space on this blog.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Wooden photo frames or metal picture frames? Which is better?

There are lots of differences of opinions as to which materials is best for photo framing. Some advocates prefer the simplicity and clean appeal of a sharp aluminium photo frame whilst a great deal of other people find wooden photo frames to have more character and warmth to them.

A good deal of these opinions boil down to personal preference, there's no definitive right or wrong answer as to which materials is best for photo frames.

You ought to take into account factors including (but not limited to) the d├ęcor within the room, the subject of the photograph being framed, the mount style and wall colour (along with many other diverse components). Ultimately though it’s up to you. What works fantastic for some people will not necessarily work for others.

Picket photo frames do tend to have a more rustic charm to them than their metal counterparts, picket frames commonly have a far better join in the mitred corners (as wooden is more flexible than metallic and may be held together when joined).

Wooden photo frames and metallic photo frames both often last a long time, they are each durable against scratches and scuffs and each will commonly contain glass in them to protect the photograph from the elements.

Be wary of wooden effect frames, these are often made from an inferior materials such as MDF or plastic and typically have a printed paper wrapping which can look like a natural wood. These frames are often extremely brittle and can scratch and dent simply making them a great deal less attractive than their wooden rivals.

When hanging your frames, whether they are metal or wooden photo frames, take care to prevent hanging them in direct sunlight, not only will you've trouble seeing them (unless you use non reflective glass) but the suns UV rays will harm your photograph causing it to fade or change colour.

For a lot more facts about any aspect of picture framing, pop along to your local high street framer or go to a reputable on the net picture framer.

Monday, 27 September 2010

The advantages of a good Wooden Photo Frame

Photo frames are an important element in the overall presentation of any given piece of artwork. Many benefits are associated with framing your photos with high quality wood or metal photo. First, frames will help protect your photographs from day to day damage and wear and tear due to human handling. Second, photo frames add an aesthetic appeal to photos, transforming them into instantaneous art pieces that add elegance or charm to any setting. Third, picture frames enable you to hang photos without damaging them with thumb tacks, nails or affixing glue. As you can see, there are many solid reasons to draw on the use of a quality wooden photo frame when it comes time to show your best photos in your home or office.


Photos that are not properly framed are liable to all manner of damaging elements. A single spilled drink or shattered glass can end up ruining a treasured momento. Investing in photo frames online that safeguard your photos via a layer of glass or plastic is a sensible move that will serve to protect your photos from unnecessary damage.

Invest in picture frames that are resistant to surface scratches, so that the frame will stand the test of time and not need replacing, should it drop from the wall by accident or get knocked by passing furniture or other potential 'scrapers'. Wooden picture frames tend to stand the test of time, offering a durable place in which to display your photos for a long time coming.

Visual Appeal

Photo frames are much more than a protective place in which to store your precious photos. They are individual pieces of art that can accent your all round home decor and bring the aesthetic appeal of any room to a whole new level. Be sure to take your time when selecting photo frames for any environment, taking into account the many factors that will mesh well with your indoor surroundings.

Wooden photo frames that are unfinished can offer a rustic charm to your home, framing photos of your favourite places or loved ones in a manner that is inviting to visitors. If you are attempting to create a more distinguished environment, consider framing your photos in finished wood frames, in aluminium or in iron or pewter. Each of these materials lends a distinct aesthetic flair to the room in which your photo frames are hung. For children's rooms, brightly coloured framing is a fun aesthetic choice that offers additional safeguards against accidental breakage.

Damage-Free Hanging

If you do not incorporate the use of photo frames when hanging your cherished photos, you will have to use another hanging method that is more than likely to damage the photo itself. Thumb tacks, tape and nails are all examples of methods used to hang photographs without the aid of picture frames. All of these means of affixing photos to a wall will damage your photos, while photo frames allow you to hang your photos with zero damage to your beloved photographs. Wood, metal or plastic materials are all used in picture framing, so you will never have to worry about your framing decision matching the rest of your decor.